Iranian Journal of Dermatology

Vol. 16, No. 63, Spring 2013
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Aplasia cutis congenita: a case report
M Hadiuzzaman

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Date Received: 2013 / Jul / 22 Date Revised: 2013 / Jul / 22 Date Accepted: 2013 / Jul / 22

Aplasia cutis congenita is the congenital absence of skin most
commonly affecting the scalp. No definite etiology is available but
multiple causes such as intrauterine infection, fetal exposure to
cocaine, heroin, alcohol or antithyroid drugs, vascular disruption,
genetic causes, syndromes and teratogens have been suggested.
We present an infant with extensive aplasia cutis of the trunk and
thigh. He was the third child of his parents while the outcome
of the first and the second pregnancy was intrauterine death;
the dead fetuses however had no skin anomaly.


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