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Vol. 16, No. 66, Winter 2013
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Threat appraisal for skin cancer among rural farmers in Ilam, Iran
Jafar Tazval, Mohtasham Ghaffari, Reza M Robati

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Date Received: 2014 / Apr / 12 Date Revised: 2014 / Apr / 12 Date Accepted: 2014 / Apr / 12

Background: Skin cancers are among the most prevalent
malignancies in Iran. According to statistics, it is the most common
cancer in the population of Ilam, west of Iran. The present study
aimed to assess threat appraisal of skin cancer among rural
farmers of Ilam in 2013-2014.
Method: In this cross-sectional study, we used multistage
random sampling. We collected the data through distribution of a
researcher-developed questionnaire among 248 farmers from the
rural areas of Ilam in June 2013. The items of the questionnaire
were based on the protection motivation theory, and covered
components included perceived vulnerability, perceived severity,
and rewards.
Result: We found a generally lower perceived vulnerability
and severity and higher rewards among the farmers; 14.5 and
30.6 % of the farmers displayed higher perceived vulnerability
and severity, respectively. Only 15.7% of the farmers were low
in extrinsic and intrinsic rewards for unprotected behaviours.
We found 149 people (60.1%) had unacceptable levels of threat
appraisal; 2 people (0.8 %) had borderline levels; and 97 people
(39.1%) had acceptable levels. Also, there was a significant
relationship between perceived vulnerability, severity, income, and
education level of the participants (P<0.001), but an insignificant
relationship was found between family size, threat appraisal
(P<0.747), family size and perceived threat (P<0.247).
Conclusion: The overall findings of the present study indicated
unacceptable levels of psychological perception about skin
cancer in farmers, which highlights the importance of designing,
implementation, and evaluation of educational interventions
related to the issue.

Keywords: farmers, protection motivation theory, skin cancer, threat appraisal

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