Iranian Journal of Dermatology

Vol. 16, No. 66, Winter 2013
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A review of three systemic retinoids in dermatology: acitretin, isotretinoin and bexarotene
Hossein Mortazavi, Nessa Aghazadeh, Maryam Ghiasi, Vahideh Lajevardi

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Date Received: 2014 / Apr / 12 Date Revised: 2014 / Apr / 12 Date Accepted: 2014 / Apr / 12

Retinoids are synthetic and natural analogues of vitamin A that
have various effects on cellular differentiation, cellular proliferation,
immune system, and embryonic development. The present study
reviews the history of systemic retinoids in medicine, the structure
of synthetic retinoids and their mechanisms. The main focus is
on their biologic functions, clinical uses, and the adverse effects
of isotretinoin, acitretin, and bexarotene representing the most
commonly used first, second, and third generation systemic
retinoids, respectively.

Keywords: acitretin, bexarotene, etretinate, isotretinoin, retinoids

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