Iranian Journal of Dermatology

Vol. 16, No. 66, Winter 2013
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Acquired universal melanosis (Carbon baby syndrome) in a 4-year old girl
Parviz Toossi, Sarah Ershadi, Ehsan Abolhasani

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Date Received: 2014 / Apr / 12 Date Revised: 2014 / Apr / 12 Date Accepted: 2014 / Apr / 12

Universal acquired melanosis is a rare cause of diffuse
hyperpigmentation of skin and mucosa during childhood. There
are only few reported case of this scarce syndrome in medical
literature. We report the first case of universal acquires melanosis
from Iran in a 4-year-old girl whose skin becomes darker after
2-month of age.

Keywords: Carbon baby, hyperpigmentation, universal acquired melanosis

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