Iranian Journal of Dermatology

Vol. 18, No. 73, Autumn 2015
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Lichenoid and granulomatous dermatitis: Report of two cases from Iran
Hamidreza Ghasemibasir, Leila Khezrian, Mohammad Reza Sobhan

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Date Received: 2015 / Jan / 01 Date Revised: 2015 / Jan / 01 Date Accepted: 2015 / May / 03

Lichenoid and granulomatous dermatitis is a new entity which is histologically defined by a band like lymphocytic infiltration in the upper portion of the dermis with obscuring the dermoepidermal junction and accompanied by basal layer degeneration and granulomatous inflammation. Herein, we presented two Iranian women with similar cutaneous and histopathologic findings. Both patients had asymptomatic subcutaneous nodules on their hands. The pathological manifestation in both of them was lichenoid and granulomatous dermatitis. Our investigations indicated different underlying causes of the lesions in our patients. In one patient, the lesion was associated with hyperthyroidism and in the other one it was accompanied by rheumatoid arthritis.

Keywords: dermatitis, lichenoid, granulomatous

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