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Vol. 20, No. 81, Autumn 2017
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The unusual presentation of genital Crohn’s disease in a patient with breast cancer: A case report
Fatemeh Mokhtari, Maryam Gholami, Samaneh Mozafarpoor

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Date Received: 2018 / May / 05 Date Revised: 2018 / May / 05 Date Accepted: 2018 / May / 12

Cutaneous Crohn’s disease (CCD) is a relatively rare disease. Two-thirds of the affected patients are female with a mean age of onset of 35 years. CCD is divided into a genital type and an extra-genital type, each with their own unique different clinical manifestations. The usual presentation of genital Crohn’s disease (CD) is in the form of erythema and edema of the labia and scrotum. Here, we have reported the rare case of a patient with late-onset genital CCD. The patient was a 61-year-old woman with a history of chemotherapy for breast cancer. She presented with genital, intergluteal, and perianal ulcers without any fistula, sinus or scars, which was treated as an unusual presentation of CD. The patient has not had any intestinal manifestation during three years of follow-up.

Keywords: genital, cutaneous, Crohn’s disease, breast cancer

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