Iranian Journal of Dermatology

Vol. 21, No. 83, spring 2018
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Mycosis fungoides with an unusual clinicopathological presentation
Nasrin Saki, Fatemeh Sari Aslani, Jalal Hajizadeh, Mohammad Derayesh, Bahareh Kardeh

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Date Received: 2016 / Dec / 29 Date Revised: 2018 / May / 03 Date Accepted: 2018 / Jun / 09

It is a challenging task to diagnose mycosis fungoides (MF), a type of primary cutaneous lymphoma, in the early stages of its development, due to the unspecific presentations associated with the disease. Histopathology and immunohistochemistry conduce to a more definite diagnosis. Presence of atypical T-cells in epidermis and upper dermis is the most significant pathologic finding. Herein, we present an 80-year-old lady with unusual generalized lesions resembling prurigo nodularis for 3 years, who was finally diagnosed as a case of MF with eosinophilic infiltrations in her lesions and serum eosinophilia.

Keywords: mycosis fungoides, primary cutaneous lymphoma, eosinophilia

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