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Vol. 21, No. 85, Autumn 2018
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A case of long-lasting misdiagnosed lymphangioma circumscriptum masquerading as dermatitis
Nerges Ghanei, Mitra Shafihosseini, Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh Ardakani, Reza Bidaki

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Date Received: 2018 / Jun / 23 Date Revised: 2018 / Jul / 16 Date Accepted: 2018 / Aug / 16

Lymphangioma circumscriptum is a rare benign lymphatic malformation, clinically characterized by clusters of translucent vesicles. Uncommon manifestations such as verruciform or zosteriform have also been reported in the literature, yet eczematous-like presentation is extremely rare. The present study describes the case of a young woman with a 16-year history of an exudative eczematous-like plaque, mistreated as dermatitis which converted to a semi vesicular lesion during the treatment of super infection and was later diagnosed as lymphangioma circumscriptum by histopathology study. It is suggested that since lymphangioma circumscriptum may resemble other diseases such as dermatitis, histology, as the gold standard for diagnosis, should not be forgotten in the clinical context of this entity.

Keywords: lymphangioma circumscriptum, dermatitis, pathology

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