Iranian Journal of Dermatology

Vol. 22, No. 87, spring 2019
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Chronic cutaneous leishmaniasis induced after trauma, mimicking keloidal scar
Maryam Khalili, Saeedeh Farajzadeh, Saman Mohammadi, Mahin Aflatoonian, Rahim Ahmadi, Alireza Zeinadini

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Date Received: 2017 / Feb / 18 Date Revised: 2019 / Jan / 26 Date Accepted: 2019 / Jan / 29

Leishmaniasis is a common parasitic disease classified to acute and chronic types based on the duration of the disease. The acute lesion is presented as ulcerated papule and nodule that heal after a few months with an atrophic scar. The chronic form of cutaneous leishmaniasis is a nonhealing lesion that is persistent for more than one year. Here, we describe a chronic case of leishmaniasis developed after a head injury, similar to a keloidal scar.

Keywords: chronic leishmaniasis, trauma, keloid

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