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Vol. 9, No. 36, Summer 2006

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Efficacy of topical Phenol and Menthol combination in chronic pruritic Mustard gas induced skin lesions
Panahi Y, Davoudi SM, Keshavarz S, Sarhang Nejad R, Tajic A, Naghi Zadeh MM
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Comparison of efficacy of Erythromycin with Doxycyclin in the treatment of moderate to severe Acne Vulgaris
Nazemi MJ, Ehsani AH, Ghiasi M, Mahmooud Robati R, Gouran F
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Comparison of cryotherapy and electrocautery in pyogenic granuloma
Edalat Khah H, Mohebbi Pour AR, Eghtedari F
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Therapeutic effect of direct current electricity on cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Maleki M, Javidi Z, Mashayekhi V, Shakeri MT, Nahidi Y, Hamed Shojaei MA, Hanifeh Zadeh M
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Pentoxifylline in the treatment of pigmented purpuric dermatoses: A randomized, controlled trial
Rasi A, Yaghmaei B
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Serum and whole blood Selenium in children with Atopic Dermatitis: A case-control study
Kouhkan A, Pour Pak Z, Safar Ali Zadeh R, Teimourian Sh, Firooz AR
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Endocrinologic evaluation of male patients with Acne Vulgaris
Seirafi H, Nakhjavani M, Farnaghi F, Ehsani AH, Hashemi P, Ghiasi M, Moosavi A
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Association of Melasma with thyroid disorders: A case-control study
Kiani A, Ahmari M, Rezvani Far MR
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Comparison of relative frequency of basal cell carcinoma in 1368-69 and 1378-79, in Razi Hospital, Tehran
Barzegari M, Safaei Naraghi Z, Akhyani M, Ehsani AH, Mahmoud Robati R, Bagheri Nejad S
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Determination of Malassezia species isolated from patients with Pityriasis Versicolor using PCR-restriction enzyme method
Mir Hendi SH, Tarazouei B, Zomorodian K, Jalali Zand N
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Efficacy of Mimosa Tenuiflora extract on growth of Leishmania protozoa in vitro
Shamsedini S, Rajab Alian S, Mirzaei M, Brofei M
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Granulomatous lobular mastitis as a rare cause of Erythema Nodosum: Report of two cases
Rassaei S, Yaghoobi R, Vaezi A, Azar Beig M, Rajabi T, Emad Mostofi N
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Becker's naevus and breast hypoplasia: A case report
Ehsani AH, Ghandi N, Yazdanian Sh, Farahani F
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Association of Lichen Nitidus with palmar pitting: A case report
Balighi K, Yazdanian Sh
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