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Vol. 9, No. 37, Autumn 2006

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The relation between Thiopurine Methyl Transferase activity and efficacy and side effects of Azathioprine in patients with Pemphigus Vulgaris
Hallaji Z, Shams Davatchi Sh, Vali Khani M, Ghandi N, Kar Bakhsh Davari M, Hedayati M, Firooz AR
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The efficacy of topical treatment with concentrated boiled extract and Hydroalcoholic extract of cassia fistula in comparison with intralesional injection of Glucantime in the treatment of acute Leishmaniasis
Jafari F, Moradi Sh, Nilforoush Zadeh MA, Derakhshan R, Ansari N
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Comparison of the efficacy of Fluocinolone cream, Triclocarban soap and Betamethasone lotion with placebo in the treatment of Paederus Dermatitis
Davoudi SM, Rostami P, Emadi SN, Sadr B, Khabiri E
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Efficacy of combination of topical honey with intralesional injection of Gglucantime in the treatment of acute cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Nilforoush Zadeh MA, Moradi Sh, Derakhshan R, Haft Baradaran E, Jafari F
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Specific cutaneous manifestations in adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma
Pezeshk Poor FZ, Yazdan Panah MJ, Shir Del A
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Behavioral characteristics in 3-12 month-old infants with Atopic Dermatitis: A case-control study
Pour Pak Z, Firooz AR, Sedighi Pour L, Afrooz A, Afrooz Gh.A, Ghobari B, Kazem Nejad A
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Frequency of Hirsutism in medical students in Tehran
Akhyani M, Danesh Pazhooh M, Barzegari M, Ghandi N, Ghiasi M, Chenari Z, Soudavari S
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Malassezia flora of neonates hospitalized in hospitals affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Ssciences
Zomorodian K, Mir Hendi SH, Tarazooei B, Kord Bacheh P, Zeraati H, Zomorodian S, Jalali Zand N, Nayeri F, Milani SM
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Evaluation of the efficacy of Quince mucilage on wound healing
Mousavi ZB, Meshki M, Hemmati A, Veisi MS, Rafiei R
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Frequency of contact sensitivity in patients with contact or Atopic Dermatitis with Patch test
Nasiri Kashani M, Mortazavi H, Amini S
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Novel transdermal drug delivery systems
Hashemi Shabestari M, Sarbolouki MN
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Association of Pemphigus Vulgaris and Tuberous Sclerosis: A case report
Balighi K, Yazdanian Sh, Ghandi N
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Acquired Port-Wine stain: Report of two cases
Mortazavi MR, Safaei Naraghi Z
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Linear granuloma annular of the finger
Esfandiar Pour I, Yavari H
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