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Vol. 12, No. 47, Spring 2009

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Staphylococcus Aureus Carriage in Patients with Psoriasis
Mohammad Shahidi–Dadras, Parviz Toossi, Nima Sarrafi–Rad, Reza Mahmoud Robati, Marjan Saeedi, Sima Kavand
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Establishment of a Primary Cell Culture of Human Fibroblast in Iran
Hamideh Moravvej, Mahnaz Mahmoodi Rad, Hakimeh Zali, Leila Nabai, Parviz Toossi
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Does Short-Term Low-Dose Methotrexate Treatment Affect Homocysteine Blood Level in Patients with Psoriasis?
Farhad Malekzad, Mehdi Qeisari, Soheila Nasiri, Mohammad Rahmati-Roudsari, Marjan Saeedi, Mojdeh Sarlak
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Clinico-mycological Profiles of Dermatophytosis in Gorgan, North of Iran
Mohammad Dehghan, Sepideh Hajian, Nazila Alborzi, Afsaneh Borgheyee, Amir Hussein Noohi
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Prevalence of Cutaneous Drug Eruption in Hospitalized Patients: A Report from Sina Hospital of Tabriz
Mitra Jelvehgari, Hamide Azimi, Hassan Montazam
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Administration of Intravenous Immunoglobulin in the Management of Two Different Cases of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Abdel Hamid El- Gamal, Radhir Kadian, Sahar Nazmi, Nabeel Najem
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Segmental Neurofibromatosis Type 1, a Rare Variant of Neurofibromatosis: Report of Two Cases
Reza Yaghoobi, Nooshin Bagherani
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Lipedematous Scalp: A Case Report
Hossein Shabanzadeh-Dehkordi, Amir Farhad Kamkhah
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Successful Treatment of Earlobe Keloids with Imiquimod after Shave Excision
Omid Zargari, Farzam Gorouhi
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CASE: Multiple painful nodules on the back
Reza Mahmoud Robati, Mohammad Rahmati–Roodsari, Marjan Saeedi, Afsaneh Maarefat
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Zosteriform Lichen Planus as the Presenting Feature of Generalized Lichen Planus; a Case Report
Hami Shamshiri
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