Iranian Journal of Dermatology


Vol. 17, No. 69, Autumn 2014

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Serum homocysteine level in vitiligo patients
Yalda Nahidi, Naser Tayyebi Meibodi, Habibollah Esmaili
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Efficacy of cryotherapy versus radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of plantar warts
Amanjot Kaur Arora, Alka Dogra, Sunil Kumar Gupta
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Curettage and punch excision of the vascular base: an effective method for treatment of pyogenic granuloma with excellent results
Shahriar Sadr Eshkevari, Soodeh Kabir, Narges Alizadeh, Nahid Nickhah
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A cross-sectional study of clinical, histopathological and direct immmunofluorescence diagnosis in autoimmune bullous diseases
Anchal Jindal, Rushikesh Shah, Neela Patel .
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Surgical excision in Bowen’s disease
Iffat Hassan, Peerzada Sajad, Syed Mubashir
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Nevus lipomatosus superficialis on the neck: an unusual location
Farhad Malekzad, Farahnaz Bidari Zerehpoosh, Fahimeh Abdollahimajd, Samira Salajeghe, Armaghan Kazeminejad
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Bilateral ear canal eruptive skin tags in an otherwise healthy young lady: a case report
Farhad Handjani, Nasrin Saki, Fatemeh Sari Aslani, Sina Kardeh
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Subacute dermal monocytic sarcoma: report of a case of monocytic leukemia with initial dermal presentation
Hamidreza Ghasemi Basir, Mahmoud Farshchian, Hassan Faghani
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Multiple firm, reddish-brown papules and nodules on shoulder and arm
Farideh Jowkar, Fatemeh Sari Aslani, Nasrin Saki, Sina Kardeh, Maryam Sadat Sadati
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