Iranian Journal of Dermatology


Vol. 18, No. 72, Summer 2015

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Relationship between female androgenetic alopecia and serum lipid levels
Zohreh Tehranchinia, Nastaran Namazi, Sarah Ershadi, Laya Rahbar Nikoukar, Gity Taheri
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Serum levels of vitamin B12, folic acid, and homocysteine in patients with vitiligo
Maryam Ghiasi, Vahide Lajevardi, Abbas Farahbakhsh
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Evaluation of Lewis phenotypes in patients with psoriasis
Mohammad Shahidi Dadras, Atefe Golfeshan, Shima Younespour
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Human papillomavirus genotypes in 108 patients with anogenital warts in a sexually transmitted disease clinic in Tehran
Tahereh Soori, Nafiseh Esmaeili, Najmeh Rajabi, Amir Houshang Ehsani
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Association of human papilloma viruses with adnexal tumors
Mohammad Rahmati-Roodsari, Maryam Ranjbar, Azadeh Rakhshan
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A case report and brief review of the literature of an unusual vascular malformation: linear verrucous hemangioma
Shilpa Y Krishnegowda, Sudhir Kumar
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Parameatal urethral cyst of the glans penis: A rare entity
Mrinal Gupta, Anish Gupta
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Rapid-growing juvenile xanthogranuloma on the nose of a 16-year-old boy
Mahnaz Banihashemi, Naser Tayebi Meibodi, Golsan Kardan
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Multidermatomal nevus comedonicus: A case report
Mohamad Reza Barzegar, Atefe Golfeshan
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Can lesions of ‘en coup de sabre’ progress after being quiescent for a decade?
Tasleem Arif, Imran Majid
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