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Vol. 20, No. 79, sprng 2017

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Comparative clinical assessment of two nasolabial hyaluronic acid fillers: A double-blind, randomized controlled trial
Saman Ahmad Nasrollahi, Taraneh Yazdanparast, Setareh Ameri, Shadi Marami Zonouz, Mansour Nassiri-Kashani, Alireza Firooz
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Adverse reactions associated with intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in patients with dermatologic diseases: An 11-year retrospective study
Maryam Ghiasi, Maryam Daneshpazhooh, Kamran Balighi, Fatemeh Ghiasi
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Relationship between lichen planus and dyslipidemia: A case-control study from Southwest Iran
Reza Yaghoobi, Nader Pazyar, Hooman Kalantari
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Dermatology publications from Iran in MEDLINE: A comparison between 2004 and 2014
Nessa Aghazadeh, Nooshin Rahnama, Saman Ahmad Nasrollahi, Ali Komeili, Alireza Firooz, Yahya Dowlati
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Diagnostic concordance among dermatopathologists in basal cell carcinoma subtyping: Results of a study in a skin referral hospital in Tehran, Iran
Azita Nikoo, Zahra Naraghi, Kambiz Kamyab, Alireza Ganadan, Zohre Khodashenas, Azadeh Goodarzi, Fatemeh Mohaghegh
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Necrobiotic xanthogranuloma after penicillin injection: A case report
Nafiseh Esmaeli, Alireza Ghanadan, Parvin Mansouri, Forugh Ghaedi
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Relapsing Kaposi’s varicelliform eruption in a patient with Darier’s disease: A case report
Maryam Khalili, Saman Mohammadi, Mahin Aflatoonian, Hoda Badaksh, Fahameh Fadaei Resketi, Simin Shamsi Meymandi
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Brown widow spider bite (Loxosceles sp., Araneae, Sicariidae): A case report from Kashan, Iran
Rouhullah Dehghani, Rezvan Talaee, Javad Rafeenejad, Roya Seydi Rezvani, Fatemeh Karimi
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