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Vol. 3, No. 12, Summer 2000

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Methoxsalen bath in the treatment of palmoplantar Eczema: A double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial
Iraji F, Azampour H, Fatemi F
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Skin and mucous membrane lesions in major B-Thalassemia
Fekri AR, Shamsaddini S, Maghsoodloo Nejad A
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Treatment of nevus spilus with CO2 Laser
Asilian A, Salehi F
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Prevalence of skin diseases in primary school students in Ahwaz
Mapar MA, Nazari H, Siavashi Kh
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A descriptive study of 200 cases of Psoriasis in Ahwaz in 1997-99
Karayi M, Radmanesh M, Mousavi ZB, Darvishi Zadeh N
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Bullous Pemphigoid: A descriptive study on patients admitted in Loghman Hakim Hospital in Tehran in 1992-97
Nasiri S, Mollayi F, Vasheghani Farahani M
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Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for dermatologists: What shall we do when we don’t know what to do?
Shamsaddini S
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Apocrine nevus of scalp: A case report
Radmanesh M, Karayi M, Ebrahimi A
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Unilateral and multiple nodular plexiform Neurofibromas: An uncommon presentation of Neurofibromatosis type 1
Yaghoobi R, Mohammadpoor M, Radmanesh SM
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