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Vol. 4, No. 13, Autumn 2000

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Identification of Leishmania species using monoclonal antibodies in Isfahan
Hejazi SH, Nasrifar P, Jamali S, Jahangir Nezhad AA, Khamesipour A
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Evaluation of direct immunofluorescense on salt split skin in the differentiation of subepidermal autoimmune Bullous dermatoses
Safaei Naraghi Z, Hallaji Z, Danesh Pajooh M, Moslehi H, Jazayeri K
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Prevalence of infectious skin diseases in the central prison of Kerman
Shamsaddini S, Nasiri Kashani M, Sharifi I, Khajeh Karimoddini M, Pourlashkari M
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A descriptive study of patients with Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris admitted in Sina Hospital in Hamadan in 1991-99
Farshchian M, Pilevar M
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Acupuncture in the treatment of chronic Urticaria
Iraji F, Saghaei M, Mokhtari H
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Dapsone and its uses in dermatology
Tabatabai H, Heydari Seradj M
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Treatment of recurrent genital Herpes with Imiquimod: A case report
Aziz Jalali MH, Ansarin H, Delbakhsh M
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Neurofibroma: Report of a rare clinical presentation
Omrani Fard M, Adabi M, Rajabi P
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