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Vol. 4, No. 16, Summer 2001

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Expense of treatment of cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Isfahan province in 1999
Iraji F, Tavakoli R
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Evaluation of Dermatomyositis patients admitted in Sina Hospital in Ahwaz in 1990-2000
Darvish Zadeh N
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Paederus dermatitis: A clinico-pathologic study in Ahwaz
Radmanesh M
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Assessment of the effect of topical Opium in treatment of cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Mapar MA, Kavoosi H, Dabbagh MA
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Histopathologic evaluation of Verrucous skin lesions in renal transplant recipients
Iraji F, Kiani A, Shahidi Sh, Vahabi R
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Langerhans cell Histiocytosis: Report of a case with cutaneous lesions with favorable response to oral Thalidomide
Mortazavi H, Ehsani AH, Safaei Naraghi Z, Asgari M
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Skin Tuberculosis presenting as a Tinea Incognito-like eruption: A case report
Rasayi S, Kavoosi H
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Report of a case of Proteus syndrome with severe anemia
Kooshyar MM, Alihosseini AR
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