Iranian Journal of Dermatology


Vol. 6, No. 21, Autumn 2002

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Propionibacterial resistance to antibiotics in patients with Acne Vulgaris
Dastgheib L, Alborzi A, Djokar F, Abudi B, Kalani M
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Relationship of sex, age and site of the skin squamous cell carcinoma with pathological grading
Rahnama Z, Haghdoost AA
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The efficacy of phototherapy in treatment of resistant Atopic dermatitis
Seyrafi H, Farnaghi F, Fathabadi S
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Descriptive study of 110 patients with Hirsutism in Tehran Razi Hospital during the years 2000-01
Farnaghi F, Seyrafi H, Zarrinpour N
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Lichen planus: A retrospective descriptive study of 363 cases
Farshchian M, Zamanian A, Safakish M
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Patch test and its practical points
Nasiri Kashani M, Firooz AR
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Genital Acantholytic Acanthoma: A case report
Razi T, Yaghoobi R, Emad Mostoufi N, Sina N
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Cutaneous horn and Callosity of the ankle: A case report
Mortazavi MR, Mohammad Zadeh M, Hosseini A
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