Iranian Journal of Dermatology


Vol. 6, No. 23, Spring 2003

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HLA-B5 antigen in Iranian patients with Behcet’s disease: A case-control study
Pourmoghim H, Ghaffarpour Gh.H, Malboobi J
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The efficacy of topical Sucralfate in comparison with Hydrocortisone cream in the treatment of Diaper dermatitis: A randomized, double blind clinical trial
Iraji F, Rezazadeh M
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Frequency of depression in patients suffering from Vitiligo
Esfandiar Pour I, Afshar Zadeh P
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Frequency of depression and anxiety disorders in Psoriatic patients
Enshaieh Sh, Kiani A, Yazdani A
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Cutaneous manifestations in HIV seropositive male prisoners in Kermanshah
Esmaeili N, Safaei Pourzamani M, Rahimi F
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Hypertrophic scars and Keloids
Ansarin H, Ghahhari A, Akbarian SF
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Deep dermatophytosis in a patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis on immunosuppressive drugs: A case report
Alizadeh N, Sadr Ashkevari Sh, Golchai J, Fallahi AA
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Squamous cell carcinoma arising from chronic hypertrophic Lichen Planus: A case report
Yaghoobi R, Sina N, Saedi K
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