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Vol. 7, No. 26, Winter 2004

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Prevalence of Melasma in women in Ardebil city in 2002
Edalat Khah H, Amani F, Rezaifar G
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Efficacy of integration methods in the control of cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Imamzadeh Agha Ali Abbas in Natanz in Isfahan in 1996-98
Nilforoosh Zadeh MA, Jalayer T, Ataei B, Jafari F, Motavali Emami M
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The relationship between Vitiligo and Thyroid gland dysfunctions: A case-control study
Bani Hashemi M, Izadi Sh
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Efficacy of Paromomycin ointment prepared in Iran (Paromo-U) against cutaneous Leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania major in mouse model
Mohebali M, Yaghoobi P, Hooshmand B, Khamesipour A
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Evaluation of different diagnostic methods in Onychomycosis
Karimzadegan Nia M, Miramin Mohamadi A, Firooz AR, Shidfar MR
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A review on evidence-based medicine
Firooz AR, Khatami AR
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Palpebral Leishmaniasis with Trichiasis: A case report
Sadeghian G, Nilforoosh Zadeh MA, Ansari N
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Atypical (Fungiform) basal cell carcinoma arising on a Tattoo: A case report
Omidian M, Emad Mostoufi N
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