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Vol. 8, No. 31, Spring 2005

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The frequency of skin allergens in patients with contact dermatitis
Davoudi SM, Karimi Zarchi AA, Ghafouri Manesh S, Firooz AR, Nasiri Kashani M, Dowlati Y
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A comparison between systemic PUVA therapy alone and combined with topical Calcipotriol in the treatment of generalized Vitiligo
Akhyani M, Hallaji Z, Ehsani AH, Mokarrami T, Gorouhi F
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Skin lesions in 800 Iranian victims of Mustard gas, 14-20 years after exposure
Mortazavi H, Reziei M, Emadi SN, Nakhaei MJ, Soroush MR, Noor Mohammadpour P, Toosi S
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Frequency of skin disorders according to ICD 10 in patients referred to the skin clinic of Yazd University of Medical Sciences in the summer of 1999
Noor Bala MT, Poursina N
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Selenium in patients with Alopecia Areata: A case-control study
Feizi V, Mortazavi H, Barik Bin B, Yousefi M, Ranjbar AR
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Cutaneous lymphomas and pseudolymphomas: A ten-year study at Emam Reza and Omid hospitals in Mashhad, using immunohistochemical and new classification methods
Khooei AR, Keramat MR
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Efficacy of topical immunotherapy of extensive and/or chronic Alopecia Areata with Diphencyprone
Emad M, Aghaei Sh, Jafari P
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Clinical trial of an herbal ointment in reduction of hair density in Hirsutism
Emam Ghoreishi M, Salman Pour R, Panjeh Shahin MR
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Night sweats
Ayatollahi J
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Treatment of chronic cutaneous graft versus host disease (GVHD) with photochemotherapy with Psoralen (PUVA): A report of five cases
Ghodsi SZ, Bahar B, Balighi K, Ranj Kesh MR
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Congenital diffuse Melanosis in a father and two sons
Barzegari M, Emadi SN, Robati RM
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