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Vol. 8, No. 33, Autumn 2005

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A comparative study on the efficacy of combination therapy with Omeprazole and low dose systemic Meglumine Antimoniate (Glucantime) and the full dose systemic Meglumine Antimoniate in the treatment of cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Nilforoush Zadeh MA, Jafari F, Ansari N, Nilforoushan Z, Firooz AR
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Comparison of the frequency of anti-human T lymphotropic virus 1 antibodies in patients with Mycosis Fungoides and normal controls
Seirafi H, Farnaghi F, Firooz AR, Mostafa S, Sedaghat Y
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Fixed drug eruption: A descriptive study of 100 cases
Rasi A, Taghi Zadeh AR
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Evaluation of efficacy of Diode Laser treatment on unwanted hair
Nilforoush Zadeh MA, Jafari F, Rafiei Sh
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Evaluation of protectivity and immunogenicity of Alum precipitated autoclaved Leishmania major vaccine mixed with Mycobacterium Vaccae in the murine model of Leishmaniasis
Nateghi Rostami M, Keshavarz H, Miramin Mohammadi A, Khamesi Pour A
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Evaluation of effects of micro-electric current on the healing of open wounds in rabbit skin
Bayat M, Asgari Moghaddam Z, Rakhshan M, Rezaei FS
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Spectrum of skin diseases in Hamedan rural areas in 2002
Zamanian A, Azimian MH
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Descriptive study of Herpes Zoster in patients referred to the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Clinic of Yazd between 1999-2004
Ayatollahi J
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Use of 18 and 36 kDa antigens of Mycobacterium Leprae for detection of this microorganism in Iranian Leprosy patients by PCR
Sadeghi V, Maghsoudi N, Dowlati Y, Deldar AA, Heydari Seraj M
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Skin and diabetes
Hosseini MS, Ehsani AH, Toosi S, Mahmoud Robati R
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Treatment of Basal cell carcinoma with cryosurgery: Report 3 of cases
Motamed N, Pour Dadash B
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Recurrent local palmer peeling associated with Port-Wine stain
Rasi A, Ansarin H
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Cutaneous Nocardiosis: A case report
Namian AM, Mir Nazemi M
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